Art and the Heart | Palm Springs

One year ago I was in a place where my photography had stalled, I wasn't seeing my shortcomings. Any creative will tell you there's a disconnect between what you imagine making in your head and what you actually produce. It's this constant dissatisfaction that keeps you growing as an artist. But to not feel this was infinitely more disconcerting.

In desperate need of a kick up the butt, somehow the stars aligned, and Jenn and I signed up for Art and the Heart, a three day wedding photography workshop by rock star idols Samm Blake and Dan O'Day. Actual real people it turns out, albeit awesome ones.

During the workshop I was all about gobbling up the practical business advice, but having some distance on it now I can appreciate the scope of what they taught. It's influenced my practice in ways I've been a bit oblivious to. This is some long overdue gratitude Samm and Dan. Thank you for everything you shared with us in Palm Springs. It's been super empowering.

My most valuable tip from Dan is to be fearless in low light. In a market flooded with natural light, bright, white, back lit, wedding photos this realisation that there is zero need to panic in low light has been a game changer. And from Samm, it's ok to be quiet while I'm shooting so long as I acknowledge it with my subject. I will totally forget to talk when I'm taking your picture, but don't worry, if I'm not telling you what to do you're doing it right.

In Palm Springs I felt overwhelmed being surrounded by so many talented photographers and like I wasn't rising to the challenge creatively. But now when I look at the photos I made during those three days I see myself. The disconnect I feel when I arrive in a new city, surrounded by people yet feeling like I'm all on my own, looking for something I can't put my finger on. And that's fine because I learnt ages ago to embrace my discomfort, good things always come of it.