America Land | USA Bitches 2013

I finally, it only took me two years, finished editing and organising all the photos I took the last time I was in the USA. It was a big trip, 6 states in 4 weeks. California, Louisiana, Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee & Mississippi. It was hot, and loud, and colourful. If you've been paying attention you'll recall that Jenn and I held an exhibition almost A YEAR AGO, good lord, and those shots make a reappearance here. 

I have a massive love affair with the states, I blame TV, and Movies, and Ansel Adams. The place fulfills all my cliched longings for vast expanses of landscape, long straight roads, dusty cities with wide sidewalks, (or no sidewalks) fast food, consumerism, and amazing music. The American South is all those things but so much more. I'm not going to lie we meet some stereotypical red necks, but everything about the south has been formed by layers of history, culture, and hard work. As a tourist you find yourself wanting to stay longer, hear more, eat more, see more.

I made this book also, three copies, one each for Jenn, Claire and myself. I'm definitely calling this a personal project!