Fun, Floral, Woodland, Bridal Inspiration Shoot

This was an idea dreamed up over burgers, cornbread, cajun fries, and beers. Our friend Cres was showing us some photos of the floral work she'd been doing, so clever clogs me said 'lets do an inspiration shoot, and you can do the flowers!' Well next thing you know... I'll think you'll agree Cres totally killed it on the flower front.

I feel so fortunate to have this amazing, supportive, tribe of creative folk around me in Wellington. I've been building my little business officially for four years now and Jenn and I kicked it all off with another mad idea inspiration shoot. We just called a bunch of amazing wedding vendors and asked them for stuff and got a bit of a shock when they said YES, sure. I tell you what, naivety can get you a long way, we were all like, yeah! let's do two looks with a Bride and Groom, and stationary, and a cake, and table settings. The outcome was our Vintage inspiration shoot. We were so shell shocked it took us four years to attempt another one, we scaled back our vision to a bridal look this time. Still quite the feat, and here are all my couples planning a WHOLE WEDDING! Respect.

I was excited about the opportunity to try out a few new tricks and techniques away from the pressures of a real wedding day. Failures are a big part of growing creatively, at a wedding if I try something new and it's not coming together after a few frames I move back into safe territory, so it was nice to have the luxury of being able to keep pushing at an idea until I knew I'd nailed the shot.

This shoot was inspired by Wellingtons green belt which is filled with pine forests and secret gardens, the seasonal spring (yes, it was actually last spring when we shot this!) selection of pink and yellow blooms making the over sized flower crown and bouquet, and the delicate full length lace gown by Wellington's own Sophie Voon. Full credit list at the bottom of the post.

This shoot has been featured on Paper & Lace, and Rosemary & Twine. Head over there for more pics!

PHOTOGRAPHY | Sarah McEvoy Photography and Jenn Hadley, FolkYEAH! BRIDAL GOWN | Sophie Voon MODEL | Natalie FLOWERS |  Cressida Bywater, Bywater Flowers MAKEUP | Jacinta Emily Make up Artist HAIR | Annabel, Scout Hairdressing JEWELLERY | Madame Fancy Pants CAPE | Highnoontea LOCATION | Truby King Park Wellington