Photo by  Ruth Holly

Photo by Ruth Holly


Hi I'm Sarah,

My favourite things to do are pretty simple, hanging out with my friends, a good netflix binge, and cuddles with my cat Catsby. Don't expect much more than illegible grunts out of me until I've had that first cup of coffee for the day. I've always been drawn to photojournalism. My journey here has been a slow and steady one. It's more like wedding photography picked me. It was a long time ago and I can't quite recall, but I think I photographed my first wedding in 2003. I very definitely decided to pick wedding photography in 2016 when I went full time with this gig. I fricken love weddings. I will never take for granted being welcomed into lives on such an important day. Weddings are the perfect storm for me of being able to react and create. I love watching the day unfold and making photos that tell the real stories of your wedding day. I’m not going to orchestrate the day. I want you to be able to look at your photos and remember what it felt like to be there.

A wedding needs three things, your most favourite people all together in the same place, some yummy food, and some killer tunes. I photograph wedding celebrations in Wellington, Wairarapa, and Kāpiti, but can often be found further afield around New Zealand. My couples love to bring together their friends and family in beautiful parts of New Zealand to celebrate, and they don't like to leave the party for too long to get pictures, they want the pictures to be of the party.

I love happiness, and hugs, and laughter. Those big, sweep you up in their arms and squeeze you tight, and oops just had your veil yanked out your hair again, hugs. Photo time is slipping away from the party for a few minutes with your besties to pop a bottle of bubbles and scoff some cheese and crackers. It's time alone to hold each other’s hands tight, look at the person you just married, and have zero control of the silly grin spreading across your face. It's going for a wander, it's not posing, and I promise, it's not taking you away for two hours.

I want you to surround yourself with your people on your wedding day, so if you're liking the look of my photos let’s make some time to make sure you like me too! I'll be lurking around you all day with a camera, this liking me and trusting me to nail it part is important. Lots of my couples are off taking over the world, but they are coming home to get married, when it's not possible to meet up in person we can skype.


Education: Bachelor of Design Degree, Visual Communication, Photography. Unitec 2004. 


"We can be Heroes, just for one day." David Bowie.